Nov 30, 2020 • 7M

🚀 Challenge - Make Your Final Push - Issue #228

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Don't look now, but the end of 2020 is coming up fast. You have one more month to achieve the goals that you set for yourself this year.

I know that this year has felt like an eternity with everything that we've experienced. You're probably thinking, "Goals? What goals?"

However, I bet that you had some in mind as you celebrated the New Year. Think back to January, which now seems so very long ago.

Are you the type to make resolutions? Did you document your plans for the year?

Even if you did not, can you remember what you roughly wanted to accomplish by the end of this year? I know that I wanted to start a podcast, which I finally did with a couple of wonderful co-hosts.

I also wanted to publish my first book. Sadly, that did not happen. 😔

But, I do have a plan for cranking out that first book now. I'm setting a more modest goal. It won't be some great novel, but I think that what I have in mind is more achievable. It's the first step, and I know…

This episode is for paid subscribers