Feb 1, 2021 • 14M

🚀 Challenge - Write Your Full Story - Issue #246

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My siblings and I spent a lot of time playing outdoors. Sometimes it got pretty rough and tumble. Eventually, someone got hurt, started crying, and blamed one of us.

The crying sibling would race for home to tell our mother what had happened. At an early age, if I was the “guilty party,” I learned that I’d better run home with them to have a chance to tell my side of the story before it was too late and I ended up grounded for a week.

Hopefully, as an adult, you’re not frequently making people cry. But, we all have parts of our life history that we don’t like. We have stories from our professional life that we may not be thrilled to share either (e.g., big failures).

I get it. But, it’s time to own all of your stories, and that includes the unpleasant ones.

Take ownership of the times you disagreed with your boss, fought with a coworker, were laid off, got fired, quit, or spent time out of work. Be authentic, human, and confident!

No one is perfect. We’…

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