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🚀 A Preview of My Upcoming Invincible Job Search Workshop (Issue #541)

🚀 A Preview of My Upcoming Invincible Job Search Workshop (Issue #541)

Hope you'll join us on April 1st!

In this episode, I share an overview of the presentation materials to give you a sense of the 2-hour workshop I’ll be hosting on April 1st. So, make sure to play the audio since I’m not including 2 hours of text material in this newsletter article.

➡️ “Find a Better Job Using 3 Essential Job Search Strategies

The price for the workshop goes up again next week. So, if you're interested in joining us, grab a ticket now. Or, use the advice I share in this episode for free!

​⏰ This is the last time I will host my Invincible Career Job Search workshop this year. I won't offer it again until 2025! So, join us now or wait until then.

Note: I record video of myself and the presentation, which I share with all the attendees after the workshop. So, if the time doesn’t work for you to join us live, you will have the homework document and the video material to use later, just like a course.

Learn More About the Workshop

The Workshop Agenda

  • Who is this Larry Cornett person?

  • What’s going wrong — with your job or job search?

  • Breakout discussion 💬

  • My 3 essential invincible job search strategies

  • All about you (so you can sell yourself for your ideal job)

  • Defining your ideal job

  • Defining your ideal employer

  • Defining your ideal boss

  • Breakout discussion 💬

  • The Connecting strategy

  • The Broadcasting strategy

  • Breakout discussion 💬

  • The Targeting strategy

  • Q & A for the last 20 minutes

Play the audio for this newsletter and podcast episode to hear my description of each part of the agenda.

Win a Free Coaching Session!

​​Refer your friends to join you in this workshop, and you could win a FREE coaching session. Share the link to the workshop with your friends and ask them to provide your name when they register.

​​Winners will be determined by the total number of referrals.

  1. ​​First place wins a free 1-hour coaching call worth over $300!

  2. ​​Second place wins a free 45-min coaching call worth over $240

  3. ​​Third place wins a free 30-min coaching call worth over $150

I’m Larry Cornett, a Freedom Coach who can work with you to optimize your career, business, and life. My mission is to help you take complete control of your work and life so you can become a more “Invincible You.” I live in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with my wife and our Great Dane.

The Invincible Job Search Strategies Pyramid
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