Feb 1, 2020 • 17M

Audio Digest of This Week's Tips

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🔈 As an added benefit for your premium subscription, I will be recording an audio digest of all of the career tips from each week. You can always visit the Invincible Career® newsletter site to listen at any time.

I’ll publish this at the end of the week, so you can hear all of the advice in a single podcast episode. Some of you may prefer this to the individual posts and emails.

Or, you may see it as a nice addition to the written content, since I won’t be reading the tips verbatim. I enjoy sharing my thoughts in the moment. 🙂

In this episode:

  • How to stop treating people in power differently

  • Pin down your manager

  • PMCS works for careers too

  • Put away your phone and laptop

This episode is for paid subscribers