Apr 19, 2021 • 8M

Challenge - Cross-publish Your Writing - Issue #268

Spin up your content factory

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Writing a great article is a lot of work. I just read on Twitter that one author spent 30 hours writing a single blog post!

Wow. I do spend hours writing my newsletters and articles, but not 30 hours for each one!

As you may have noticed, I cross-publish my articles, stories, and newsletters. I make some adjustments and always strive to improve things. But, I did most of the work the first time.

I usually publish in this order:

  1. I write for my newsletter first.

  2. I cross-publish that content as a Medium article a few weeks or months later.

  3. I then publish the content to my own WordPress blog to make sure that I have a copy that I own (e.g., if a platform deletes it).

  4. I republish the article or story as a native LinkedIn article weeks or months later.

I’m not the only one who uses this strategy. Other writers recommend crossposting your articles to reach more audiences and get more views, engagement, and followers.

Yes, it is ok to publish …

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