Jul 19, 2021 • 7M

Challenge - Learn More About Google Analytics - Issue #294

It is the most popular analytics service available

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Google Analytics Academy Courses
Google Analytics Academy Courses

It’s estimated that over 60% of all websites are using Google Analytics. There are many different analytics services out there, but GA certainly seems to be the most popular. I would guess that it’s so commonly used because it’s free!

There are a lot of Facebook tracking pixels out there too. That’s most likely due to people running Facebook ads and wanting more insights. Facebook’s analytics aren’t nearly as robust as Google’s.

Almost every service I use has advanced settings to enter information to connect Google Analytics to your account and website. I’ve set up tracking and analytics for my newsletter, websites, courses, and masterminds.

For example, Substack lets you enter your:

  • Google Analytics Pixel ID

  • Google Tag Manager ID

  • Google Site Verification

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