Apr 5, 2021 • 10M

Challenge - Post on Your Personal Blog - Issue #264

Writing is a powerful strategy

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New month, new theme. April is all about writing and publishing!

You already know that I’m a huge fan of writing and how it can help you and your career. There are many ways to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. But, writing is one of the most powerful methods.

I’ve also discovered that writing helps me explore my thinking on a subject. During the process, I read, research, and take copious notes. Shaping my thinking into a structured outline helps me learn more deeply and crystallizes my point of view.

“While we teach, we learn.” — Seneca

One of the best ways to force yourself to learn something new is to teach others about it. You may think that you understand it, but you’ll find yourself struggling to explain it to someone else clearly.

When you craft a well-structured story or article with the intent to inform, educate, or persuade others, you deepen your comprehension. As more people discover your writing, more people will perceive you a…

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