Challenge - Professionally Leverage Social Media - Issue #280

Use it instead of letting it use you

We’re entering the month of June, which is all about showcasing yourself and your work. There are many ways to build an online presence. We’ve already talked about creating your website, publishing your writing, and starting a newsletter.

This week, let’s focus on your social media presence. In Feb, you created your elevator pitch. In May, you defined the primary theme and target audience for your newsletter. You should also reflect this information in your various social media profiles.

Now, you probably don’t need to — or want to — bring your professional life into all of your social media profiles. But, some will certainly play a role (or should be) in how you connect with other professionals in your industry. Also, some platforms are scraped by recruiters, hiring managers, and reputation services to find out more about you.

From the article Using Social Media to Research Potential Job Candidates:

  • More than half of employers found content on social …

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