Challenge - Research Newsletter Platforms - Issue #272

Owning your audience is powerful

It’s a new month, so here is the new theme. May is all about newsletters!

Imagine that. Learning about newsletters through a newsletter.

Do you know what my biggest regret is with mine?

I regret that I didn’t start one many, many years ago. I wish that I had taken my email list more seriously starting at the very beginning of my career path.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Start building an email list now. It’s one of the best ways to create a direct connection with your audience and avoid all of the shenanigans that social media platforms play.

It isn’t just social media either. I also run into this issue on Medium. I have more than 5,400 followers and yet I had a story last month that only received 23 views.

Are you kidding me? I do get value out of Medium, but wow. Can you please show my stories to the people who have intentionally decided to follow me?

I’ve talked about this before. You should own your domain and website, and you should own yo…

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