Challenge - Review Your Metrics - Issue #292

How are you performing online?

What is this geek speak? Metrics? What metrics?

If you work in tech, you’re already familiar with analytics and metrics. You may track and report product and business performance as part of your job. Or, someone on your team does.

Well, guess what? When you treat your career like a business (as I recommend that you do) and yourself as a “product” (which you kind of are), you should be tracking performance metrics too.

This is especially true for your online metrics, which are more easily accessible. But, you can also set performance targets and track things quantitatively for other aspects of your career (e.g., How many talks did you give so far this year? How many articles have you published?).

Earlier this year, I had challenges for you around publishing stories, writing newsletters, using LinkedIn, and engaging on social media. All of those platforms and tools have analytics dashboards. It’s time to get familiar with them.

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