Challenge - Share Your Portfolio of Work - Issue #286

Where do you show your professional work?

I started my career as a software designer. So, I’m used to being asked for a design portfolio. Every designer is, and it’s often the bane of our existence.

Why? Because it’s almost always out of date. I recently talked with a very senior designer, and she was not looking forward to updating hers. She hasn’t touched it in years.

That’s the problem. When you’re happily employed, you let things sit and gather dust.

  • Portfolio

  • Resume

  • Elevator pitch

  • LinkedIn

  • Network

Then, when you suddenly find yourself seeking employment or trying to land new clients, you’re scrambling to refresh everything. It’s not fun.

A better approach is to do a little bit of work every month to keep things fresh. Make small tweaks to your LinkedIn profile. Update the language of your elevator pitch. Add new material to your portfolio.

Some of you might be saying:
“Portfolio? I don’t have a portfolio. I don’t need no stinkin’ portfolio.”

When I say you should show your professional work, i…

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