Mar 29, 2021 • 7M

Challenge - Share Your Website - Issue #262

Wrapping up the March theme - Your forever digital home

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Laptop with website on laptop
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

Your challenge this week brings you to the end of this month’s theme of creating your “forever digital home.” For some of you, this will mean launching your website for the first time. For others, it will be a relaunch.

By now, you should have secured a domain name, hosting, and selected a service or software for your website (e.g., WordPress, Squarespace). What did you end up choosing for your technology stack?

You also should have clarity around how you will use your website. What will it do for you? What results are you seeking?

This could include:

  • A home for your design portfolio

  • A site for people to learn more about you

  • A permanent place for people to find you and contact you

  • A “backup” of your professional history (instead of hoping LinkedIn doesn’t screw something up)

  • A blog to share your professional expertise

  • A hub that helps people explore all of your online profiles (e.g., Github, Instagram, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Medi…

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