Office Hours - Connect with New People - Issue #302

Ready to be social?

Continuing the August networking theme, I want you to explore adding new people to your network this week. While it’s great to refresh and reconnect with the people already in your professional network, you should also keep growing it.

I know that’s not easy. It has certainly become more challenging to attend networking events during this pandemic. Most conferences have moved to virtual events, local mixers have been canceled, and business trips have turned into Zoom meetings.

However, meeting new people is still possible. I’m going to recommend online strategies since those are the most flexible, and they work no matter what is happening in the physical world.

I left my last corporate job in 2010. At that point, most of my networking activities were in person. I’ve still been attending a few conferences and events like that, but they are increasingly moving online.

Through online services and tools, I’ve grown my network and met amazing people all …

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