Sep 20, 2021 • 6M

Office Hours - How to Be on a Panel - Issue #312

An easier way to try public speaking

Larry Cornett, Ph.D.
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People watching a panel discussion
Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

Continuing the theme of public speaking this week, let’s talk about panels. A relevant panel discussion is a great way to showcase your professional knowledge and expertise.

If you’re not already familiar with what a panel is, it’s a discussion format typically used at conferences, events, and other industry meetups. In the good old days, it was usually held as a live conversation in front of an audience about a specific topic and would last 60-90 minutes.

Now, most panels are conducted virtually using streaming video (e.g., Zoom) and other webinar tools. A selected group of panelists (usually 3-5 people) share differing opinions, ideas, and perspectives. Sometimes, people will debate and argue, but it is generally quite civil.

I’ve been a member of a few panels over the years. Most were held on stage in front of an audience attending a big conference. In almost every case, they were facilitated by a moderator who guided us through topics, asked questions, …

This episode is for paid subscribers