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🚀 Succeeding as an Introvert - Tim Yeo, Founder of The Quiet Achiever (Issue #475)

Tiny habits for introverts to have impact at work without pretending to be extroverts

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My guest for this episode is Tim Yeo (@timyeo on Twitter). Tim coaches introverts to have impact and influence without pretending to be extroverts at The Quiet Achiever.

He is currently Design Director @ IBM, helping Enterprise clients transform their businesses with enterprise scale at startup speed. In IBM, Tim focuses on DesignOps for the Customer Transformation design practice in Australia.

Previously, Tim was the first UX and Design leader at fintech startups @Finder, @OFX and @Prospa where he hired, established and scaled design teams from scratch.

Best known for saying complex things simply. He's also a keynote speaker, bookbinder and currently living the nomad life with no permanent address in Adelaide, Australia with his partner and the fluffiest Old English Sheepdog ever.

We talk about

  • Introversion and job searching, job interviews, and getting noticed

  • How to be an introvert and still get ahead in your career

  • The kind of coaching Tim does with introverts.

  • The workshops Tim teaches

Where to find Tim

Tim Yeo
Tim Yeo

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