🚀 Challenge - Break Your Big Goals into Subgoals - Issue #240

If you completed last week’s challenge, you should have a high-level view of your goals for the year. I hope that you’ve initially scoped and prioritized your goals, as well.

The smaller, shorter-term goals are probably pretty straightforward. For example, updating your profile photo across your social media accounts doesn’t require breaking the process down into tiny subgoals.

However, I would guess that your medium and large goals are too big and complex to jump right in and tackle. For example, you shouldn’t leap into launching a new personal website without breaking it down into the subgoals and steps you would take to get the job done.

The process isn’t that different from any significant project at work. No one launches a new product without extensive planning. No company would launch a new service to customers without mapping all of the work onto a timeline.

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