Feb 7, 2021 • 11M

🚀 Challenge - Create Your Elevator Pitch - Issue #248

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When I challenged you to write your full story last week, one of the items in the rough framework was your elevator pitch. Let’s dive deeper into that this week.

I’ve talked about the need for a professional elevator pitch before. You use it to briefly describe who you are, what you do, who you help, and how you make that happen.

Note: This is not the same as the old “profession + company” statement. Saying, “I’m a senior designer at Amazon,” is not an elevator pitch. It’s not even a great intro to use in a meeting, party, or networking event.

You should never let yourself be defined by your employer. You should never limit yourself by your job title, either.

Let me tell you a story about that. When I was a junior designer, I worked at Apple. I introduced myself at parties, “Hi, I’m Larry. I’m a designer at Apple.” People’s eyes would light up, and they’d say, “Cool! What’s it like working there?

Later in my career, I had been promoted into management …

This episode is for paid subscribers