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🚀 How to Win the Job Search Race (Issue #557)

🚀 How to Win the Job Search Race (Issue #557)

Is a flat tire holding you back?

No one ever said the job market was fair. That’s even more true in the current economy which has been plagued with layoff after layoff.

Now, in this race for a new job, some candidates are clearly driving race cars, while others are struggling to make it around the job search track with an underpowered engine or even a flat tire.

Why is that?

Formula one car view from above the car

Let me play with this metaphor for a bit, starting with the diagram below. Note: I go into a lot more detail in the podcast recording. So, scroll up, hit play, and listen.

Job search race car

You can think of “Capability” as the engine of the race car. It includes:

  • Talent

  • Skills

  • Knowledge

  • Experience

Drive” is one of the tires. It includes:

Reputation” is the second tire. It includes:

Interview” is the third tire. It includes:

Finally, “Champion” is the last tire. It includes:

Lighting it all up to get hired

Job search race car with all green

Three of my clients and community members recently landed new jobs:

  1. One leveraged networking, finding an inside champion, and my 1-on-1 coaching to create a new role that hadn’t existed before. They also negotiated a higher level and a lot more compensation!

  2. Another used networking, my coaching, and my Career Accelerator to land a job with a former colleague that was in the “hidden job market.”

  3. Finally, the last person used my Career Accelerator, some of my coaching, and an inside champion to land a great new job in Silicon Valley.

Weak engine of Capability

Sometimes, your engine is underpowered for the role you’re seeking. I always encourage people to stretch themselves, but do so within reason.

Job search race car with an issue

Flat tire of Reputation

You may have everything else going for you, but people know you’re a pain to manage and worth with. The industry is always smaller than you think, and people talk. However, you can repair your reputation and get back in the game.

Job search race car with an issue

Flat tire of Drive

Grit and determination will often carry the day. But, if you lack confidence, don’t consistently put in the work, and give up too soon, you’ll find it hard to land jobs that others do.

Job search race car with an issue

Flat tire of the Champion

I frequently talk about the power of having an inside champion. Champions, influencers, and insiders can tip the balance of a job interview in your favor. Just ask my clients who leveraged them to land great jobs quickly! But, if your Champion tire is flat, be prepared for a long, slow crawl in the job search race.

Job search race car with an issue

Flat tire of the Interview

You could have everything else set up, but still bomb the interview. No champion can save you if you don’t prepare well enough. Your capabilities and reputation won’t matter if you can’t demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and wisdom while speaking with the interviewers. I don’t care how much drive you have. It won’t help if you can’t communicate well, present well, and generally interview strongly.

Job search race car with an issue

Winning the job search race

Light up your engine, and all four tires, and you’ll be well on your way to speeding around the track and landing your next great job!

As I said earlier, most of the content of this article is in the podcast audio. So, scroll up and hit play if you want to hear it.


I’m Larry Cornett, a Freedom Coach who works with you to optimize your career, business, and life. My mission is to help you become a more "Invincible You" so you can live your life on your terms instead of being controlled by someone else's rules. I live in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with my wife and our Great Dane.

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