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Why Brigitte Granger is Bootstrapping Her Startup - Issue #307

Why Brigitte Granger is Bootstrapping Her Startup - Issue #307

Her Supporti app taps into the power of accountability

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Brigitte Granger
Brigitte Granger

My guest for this episode is Brigitte Granger. She is committed to making happier, healthier living easier and more fun through the power of human connection. She’s the CEO and founder of Supporti, a service that helps people put in consistent work towards their big goals with the help of a mutual accountability partner.

Having a master’s degree in social and behavioral sciences from Harvard and a bachelor's in human science from Georgetown, Brigitte approaches problems with an experimental mindset — a key entrepreneurial skill.

We talk about:

  • What inspired her to found the startup

  • Why she’s bootstrapping vs. raising funding

  • The power of accountability and the difference between groups and 1-on-1 partners

  • What she’s learned by observing her community

  • The rise of “AuthenTech”

  • Her advice for other founders

You can find the Supporti app here:

Key points from our conversation

I want to call out a few points from my conversation with Brigitte to help you if you’re considering the startup path. She also shared some interesting insights about accountability that could help you pursue your most important goals.

The Power of Accountability

Educating people and simply telling them to do things isn’t enough. People need social support to help them make better decisions, change behaviors, and establish daily habits.

When she lived in Boston, she had a personal goal of waking up every morning for a run. She found an accountability partner who went jogging with her every week.

Rain or shine, she got up in those dark, cold mornings to meet her friend for their runs. She felt accountable to her friend, so she couldn’t sleep in and skip their workout.

However, when she moved away, she no longer had that 1-on-1 partner. She joined some running clubs but found that it wasn’t quite as motivating as having one person counting on her. With a group, you know that other people will show up, so it’s — unfortunately — easier to skip a workout.

This experience inspired her to create Supporti to help other people find those essential 1-on-1 accountability partners.

Bootstrapping vs. Raising Funding

It takes years to build a new business. There is no “overnight success.” Acquiring customers is hard work, and it takes a long time to grow a sustainable business.

There is so much pressure to take the path of raising funding for your startup. But, the venture capital model of “growth at all costs” does not work for Brigitte or her Supporti community.

She is following the AuthenTech approach of organically building a company that prioritizes community, connection, and authenticity. AuthenTech companies prioritize community over audience, intention over attention, and value over profit.

So, she is consulting and coaching to bring in more consistent income to bootstrap Supporti and keep growing it. More entrepreneurs would succeed if they created multiple income streams vs. hoping the single revenue stream from their business will be sufficient.

Overcome Perfectionism

Brigitte has a bias for action. She doesn’t struggle with perfectionism, but many of her clients and friends do. For example, it keeps so many people from launching the businesses they dream about building.

She recommends that you take small steps and just get something out. You lose time when you wait to make something “perfect” and aren’t capturing data on what’s working or not.

Quickly launch, get feedback, learn, and iterate to improve your product and business.

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