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🚀 My 10 Most Popular Episodes and Articles this Year (Issue #422)

🚀 My 10 Most Popular Episodes and Articles this Year (Issue #422)

Best of the year from Invincible Career with highlights from all of my newsletters and podcast episodes
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This year, I spent hundreds of hours researching and writing newsletter articles — and recording podcast episodes — to share with you. I listed the top 10 below, and I’ve also categorized most of the other articles and episodes for easier browsing.

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Welcome to my December wrap-up that summarizes and categorizes everything I published this calendar year.

When people ask for my advice on a career, work, leadership, or entrepreneurial topic, I can usually point them to a specific article that I’ve written on that very issue. You may already be a loyal subscriber, but I know that it’s easy to miss something over a year. I certainly do with the newsletters I follow.

So, enjoy this recap, and feel free to share the summary article with friends who might find some of the advice helpful!


My Top 10 Articles

I reviewed the stats for my articles, newsletters, and podcast episodes. These 10 rose to the top for the year.

  1. Use Your Purpose to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

  2. Community chat - What are your wins this week?

  3. Invincible Tip - Instantly Make Twitter Better

  4. Invincible Tip - Follow the Money

  5. Landing Jobs by Building Relationships in a Remote World

  6. Introduce Yourself!

  7. 5 Things You Should Do Every Night

  8. Doing Work You Love - Interview with Chris Cornett, Surgeon

  9. Create Your Own Career Ladder

  10. Invincible Tip - Always Be Looking

By the way, I made some big changes to the newsletter and podcast this year (and launched two new newsletters and podcasts), which I announced here.

Articles organized by category

I thought it might help to organize all of my articles and podcast episodes into categories that you would find most useful. Enjoy!

My book chapters

Career planning and performance

Job search, interviews, and negotiation


Living your best life

Solopreneurship and entrepreneurship

Life lessons

Personal and professional development


Invincible Tips

Office hours and professional development challenges and exercises
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Whew! That’s it for the year. I hope this summary makes it easier for you to find a useful article to read (or reread). Share this with a friend who might be interested!


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BTW, I have no employees, interns, or even an assistant. The newsletters and podcasts are a one-person labor of love. This is my passion and how I earn a living as a solopreneur to support my family.

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Larry Cornett

Larry Cornett is a Personal Coach who can help you optimize your career, life, and business. If you’re interested in starting a business or side hustle someday (or accelerating an existing one), check out his “Employee to Solopreneur” workshops (coming soon).

Larry lives in Northern California near Lake Tahoe with his wife and a gigantic Great Dane. He does his best to share advice to help others take complete control of their work and life. He’s also on Mastodon (it’s better than Twitter!).

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